Meeting with the Ministry for Business Environment

Date: 2017-06-12 10:00:00

Location: Bucharest

On Monday, 12th of June, within the framework of the Danish Romanian Business Association, the Danish Embassy’s Trade Council hosted a meeting between the Nordic companies active in Romania and the Minister for Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship  Alexandru Petrescu.

The fundamental purpose of the meeting was to encourage initiatives that promote a successful cooperation between Nordic companies and the Ministry for Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

During the closed-door meeting, Minister Alexandru Petrescu introduced the strategy and vision for developing the Romanian business environment.

In addition, companies appreciated the opportunity to offer to the minister an understanding of their activities and projects in Romania, as well as some of the challenges they are facing here.

The positive outcome of the meeting will contribute to stimulating further actions so that the cooperation of the two parties will be increased in mutually beneficial manners.