DRBA Membership 

There are two types of membership in DRBA:

Voting Membership
Membership is open to:

·       All Danish owned or affiliated companies, Danish citizens and branch/ representative offices/agents of Danish companies, registered in Romania, in which there is a direct Danish interest.

Members shall be entitled through their appointed representatives to attend and vote at the meetings of the Association.

(Members may appoint an alternate representative who shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the Association in the absence of the appointed representatives).

Associate Members - Non Voting Member
Associate Membership is open to:

·       Any legal entities, partnerships, sole proprietorships, or individuals not otherwise qualified for voting membership which in the opinion of the Board of Advisors, contribute towards achievement of the objectives of the Association.

·       Employees in companies which are voting members can apply for associate membership.

Associate Members shall not be entitled  to vote at meetings of the Association.

For membership info, please contact:

Razvan Stroe, e-mail: razstr@um.dk

Gabriel Radulescu, e-mail: gabrad@um.dk

Entrance Fees and Subscriptions

The following annual subscriptions is payable:

Annual Subscription for Voting Member: DKK 2.800
Annual subscription for Associate Members: DKK 2.800

Subscription fee paid by new members admitted after 1 November will cover the remaining period of the year as well as the following calendar year.
If annual subscription is not paid, the President is entitle to cancel the membership.

The President of the Board is the Danish Ambassador in Romania Mr. Karsten Vagn Nielsen

The Elected  Board Members for 2016:


Dragos Marius Calin


Silviu Stoica


Torben Storm Nielsen

Jantzen Development

Teodora Adamache

Vestas Central Europe

Catalina Dragomir