ROCKWOOL - JD Mechanical Team Leader

Job description

Our purpose is simple and compelling: To release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.
ROCKWOOL products save energy and water and reduce CO2 emissions, protect buildings from the spread of fire; reduce waste; improve acoustic comfort, building performance and aesthetics; and enhance Precision Growing, thereby improving the efficiency of fresh food production.

While the stone we use may be millions of years old, what we do with it is cutting-edge. Every day, ROCKWOOL colleagues are developing and applying new technologies to release yet more potential of stone wool to enrich modern life.

Would you also be proud to enrich society like we do? Apply now to join us as we improve modern living conditions for millions of people worldwide.

Project phase

  • Managing technical documentation and design for the line
  • Supervision and coordination of line assembly
  • Managing and preparing the final technical documentation of the line

Factory phase

  • Reporting to Maintenance Manager
  • Ensure required operational capacity of the machines
  • Involved in reporting monitored KPIs in the maintenance department
  • Analyzing the causes of defects and finding actions to prevent future failures
  • Ensures preventive maintenance tasks are completed as to the plant maintenance plan
  • Coordinates his mechanical engineers
  • Managing the stock and supply of spare parts
  • Assist in checking subcontractors. Monitoring of subcontractors in terms of compliance with standards of the highest quality and fulfilling tasks in a timely manner and in the best way
  • Analyze together with relevant persons the plant maintenance plan and improves it (at least once a year)
  • With the feedback from technicians and engineers creates or modifies working procedures
  • Develops technical solutions to problems related to maintenance in order to minimize costs during a technical intervention
  • Defines the technical specifictions and needs of the spare parts
  • Completes all the relevant tasks requested by his manager
  • Ensures that all maintenance team members have the necessary tools and knowledge to solve and analyse any issues that appear
  • Proposes training courses and equipment purchase relevant to the needs of the team and the plant
  • Ensures that maintenance technicians have the ability to switch between positions in order to supply any urgent needs that appear
  • Analyses team members performance and proposes solutions for improvement whenever needed.


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