APM Terminals Romania SRL

Address: South Free Zone, Enclosure no. 1 Constanta , Romania

Telephone: +40 241 706 902

Fax: +40 241 706 916

Email: octavian.duca@apmterminals.com

Web: www.apmterminals.com

APM Terminals Romania SRL

PM Terminals has been a major part of the development of the container shipping industry. We serve every major trade lane with a truly global presence, providing our customers with the most advanced terminal technology, equipment and operations in the industry.

Working in close relationships with local partners, APM Terminals Romania is an Inland Services Network that brings growth and environmental awareness along with job creation and career training, that are core company principles.

We provide a centralized system for Terminal,  we have a container storage area of 27680 sqm, a stripping and stuffing area of 6000 sqm and a warehouse. The storage perimeter is fully enclosed, we provide container repairing services and  many other facilities.

We receive and deliver containers by any means, trucks, trains and also offer technical and physical inspection of containers at departure or arrival to or from the terminal, including their accompanying documents.

Further more we have the means necessary to handle, move or transport the any tipe of container with our trucking fleet.

Dedicated to setting the industry standards for efficiency, safety and sustainability, it is our goal to Earn the Customer every day, at every port facility and every location throughout the APM Terminals Global Port, Terminal and Inland Services Network.

The company provides port and terminal management and operational expertise in serving many container shipping line customers who help keep international trade moving