Qualians announces new partnership with Prosci

Bucharest- 27 April 2017 - Qualians Romania is pleased to introduce its newest know-how partner Prosci.  Qualians will begin offering Prosci services including the Certification training, advisory services and enterprise licenses in Romania as a member of the Prosci Global Affiliate Network (GAN).

Prosci is the world leader in research and publications in Change Management and it greatly contributed to the establishment of Change Management as a profession and field of study.

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1st to 3rd quarter announcement 2016: Danfoss continues growth momentum

Danfoss maintained the growth momentum from the first half-year into the third quarter. Following the first nine months of 2016, the sales reached DKK 29.1bn compared to DKK 28.7bn in the same period last year, which corresponds to growth of 4% in local currency. The increased sales and continuing improvements in operations lifted the operating profit (EBIT) to DKK 3.5bn, corresponding to a 10% increase compared to the same period last year.

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