Romanian air transport market

2017-09-20 12:30:00

In 2016 the Romanian air transport market had an increase of around 20%

Could Romania be one of the easy accessible close-by markets for you?

Romania is one of the biggest markets in Central and Eastern Europe with around 20 million citizens and a strong community living abroad. The sector is flourishing and expanding quickly from year to year.

Romanian economy performed very well in the last years, showing in 2016 among the highest growth in Europe.

Due to the economic growth more and more Romanians travel by plane. The distances in Romania are quite long and therefore the internal flights have lately increase significantly. Few years ago there were only flights between Bucharest and major local cities. Now there are also several flights between major cities in Romania. It is now more efficient to fly than to use car or train. The economic growth is also visible in connection with major business partners within EU, where there are several connections every day with Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UK, Austria from several airports all over the country.

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Romanian E-commerce

2017-10-17 12:30:00

Romania has a very developed IT infrastructure. According to international surveys, Romania ranks number 1 in Europe as fas as the internet broadband speed goes - 55.54 Mbps.

Romania has 11.2 million internet users and around 5,000 active online shops.

Based on GDP growth, above EU average (more than 4,8% in 2016) and VAT reduction from 24% to 19%, the ppulation income increased and therefore the retail expanded with 12% in value in 2016.

This also reflected in the e-commerce as well. An online buyer made an average of 8.4 purchases in the past year - an increase compared to 2015 when the average was 8.2 but also compared to 2014 when the figure was 8.1 purchases/year.

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